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2018 -30 Year Anniversary

GBJ Insurance Brokers

GBJ Ltd have a reputation as a competitive broker and are proud of our negotiating skills. Our substantial book of loyal clients has been hard earned in a highly competitive environment where corporate players have tended to dominate. Our clients range from Airlines to Airports, General Aviation, Manufacturers, FBO’s and Service Providers. We have been trading for over 30 years, and have a small, select team that are all experts in their field.

Our Experience

The GBJ team has 500 years collective experience in aviation insurance with vast majority of the team with over 30 years in the market. We make sure our clients get personal service and all staff have the ability and experience to step in to any situation should the need dictate. We truly are a team and support each other to make sure that our clients get the best service.

GBJ Ltd. and BGI AG, have for many years enjoyed the trust of a loyal clientele of aircraft owners and operators of airlines, helicopters, aeroplanes, as well as proprietors of airfields, hangars and aircraft maintenance companies. Our customers know that in the event of a claim, we will represent their interests quickly and without bureaucracy, and endeavour to secure them the best possible settlement.


Our Group have serviced a wide range of Airline business in countries scattered all around the globe. We are also very experienced in handling Airline business

  • with more elderly equipment,
  • cargo fleets,
  • operations in difficult operating environments or sanctioned jurisdictions;

We are without any US ownership issues we have less restrictive trading permissions in such areas.

We can offer airlines of any size a seamless service from our team of experts based in London, with local support from partners in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

General Aviation

The General Aviation market covers a wide and varied range of aircraft and operational circumstances. The main sectors we work with are:

Business Jets and Turbo-props

Rotor Wing

Special Uses


We have experience in providing the right cover for all aspects of the areospace industry. We can provide advice and/or coverage to:

  • Major Third Party Maintenance Providers
  • Suppliers of Fuel, Catering and Airside Services
  • OEM and Contract Suppliers for Product Liability
  • Providers of Aircraft Hangarage Facilities
  • Spare Parts Storage Companies
  • Aircraft Leasing Companies

Airports, ATC and CAA Risks

The responsibilities of Airport operators, Air Traffic Control bodies and Civil Aviation Authorities are now more than ever in the spotlight.

There are many causes of losses which can be attributed to the operation and control of these assets. Bird Strikes, weather information, landing conditions, traffic congestion can all cause major disruption and create potential disaster scenarios.

Losses can also be caused by contractors and concessionaires and indeed the airlines themselves.

GBJ have expertise in this class and can ensure our clients have a tailored insurance solution to suit the risk, from a local general aviation airport to major international hubs.

Crew Benefits

The GBJ team can provide unique tailored benefit programmes for your Air Crew, Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers and other general staff. We have access to regional and global insurers and can provide the following:

  • Pilot Income Protection
  • Loss of License
  • Group Life
  • Group P.A.
  • Group Medical

Residual Value Insurance (RVI) & Residual Value Guarantees (RVG)

At GBJ we work closely with our clients as partners providing Residual Value Insurance (RVI) to enhance and add collateral support solutions to financing arrangements for asset based transactions.

RVI provides the asset owner and/or their financiers with the certainty of a declared asset value at a pre determined time in future, an invaluable means of balancing exposures in volatile markets.