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There are many diverse and varied businesses types in the Areospace sector, from companies making widgets, Maintenence and Repair Organisions (MRO), Fixed Base Operatios (FBO), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), and Contractors porviding Aerospace services, including Fuelling.

This Premises, Hangarkeepers and Products coverage, is the domain of several specialist underwriters.

The associated risks can often be complex from both a contractual and technological standpoint. Contingent covers for Leasing companies also fall into this class.

Our team has specialists who have handled this class for over 25 years. We handle numerous Airports, FBO and MRO operations.

We can provide advice and/or coverage to:

  • Major Third Party Maintenance Providers
  • Suppliers of Fuel, Catering and Airside Services
  • OEM and Contract Suppliers for Product Liability
  • Providers of Aircraft Hangarage Facilities
  • Spare Parts Storage Companies
  • Aircraft Leasing Companies

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