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General Aviation

The General Aviation market covers a wide and varied range of aircraft and operational circumstances. The main sectors we work with are:

Business Jets and Turbo-props

We have exclusive market facilities for Business jet aircraft and have the ability to place aircraft up to and including B747’s in business configuration. Many of our business aviation and private aircraft clients enjoy the bespoke insurance programmes we individually tailor to suit each operation. We insure clients who operate the airliner variants such as BBJs, ACJs; as well as most of the popular jets manufactured by Embraer, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault etc.

Rotor Wing

We have clients with large fleets doing logging, heli-skiing and power line patrol, to single executive and commercial operators. Helicopters require specialists to fly them and the same logic applies to those that insure them. The market and pricing models for uses such as logging and offshore differ greatly from those used for Executive and Air Ambulance uses; we will find the best solution for your operation.

Special Uses

We have access to insurers who are willing to be flexible and assess and underwrite hazardous and difficult risks the traditional underwriters will not usually insure. This would include Fire fighting operations, relief work in war zones, crop spraying etc